Finterface: It’s all about connecting

Finterface is the plug that connects businesses to any financial platform or app that provides services based on financial data.

About Finterface

Finterface is a tool designed and developed by the Finventory team. Originally, Finterface was built for the inventory risk management platform that Finventory is, but early on it has been intentionally designed to be versatile. Finterface provides an outsourcing solution that manages data connections for the transfer of business information between parties.

Finterface offers numerous benefits.

For example, building connectors provides scalability advantages, as connector components are often reusable. In addition, direct connections ensure immediate availability and higher data reliability.

This is more effective than manually transferring data. Moreover, everybody needs them.

Building them yourself has many drawbacks, as it is costly, requires specific knowledge of source systems, and is often not the core activity of a Fintech.

How Finterface works

The Benefits of Finterface


Utilizing the latest technology, state-of-the-art frameworks, cloud-based infrastructure, and free from legacy.


Collect data at desired times and frequencies, send data at preferred times and frequencies, and easily adjust as needed.


Configurable from a central platform, repeatable queries, scalable cloud platform, and component reuse.


A very small agent with minimal impact on the business system, automatic scheduling of data transmissions, and no manual intervention from data senders required.


Encrypted data communication, regular code scanning, and the establishment of an Information Security Management System (ISMS) in progress according to ISO 27001.


Establish development calendars collaboratively with strategic partners, ensuring the data model is always tailored to the receiving platform.

Finterface Five for Security

Security by design

Our development vision and architecture have been pre-evaluated by an IT security expert for expert judgment. We have subjected the design to security assessments in advance.


All our programming undergoes scanning with external tools for IT security risks, with weak points in the code discovered during release and the programming process, not just in production.


The team is trained to understand risks, e.g., through hacker workshops and seminars on IT security.

IT-security assessment

PEN-test (hacking test) where the tester gains access to the source code (Chrystal Box Test).

Information Security

Established according to international standards (ISO27001: aiming for completion by the end of 2019).


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